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  • which machine?

    Hi folks;
    Ive been welding on aluminum (annodized) for about a year and a half now.
    I use a 250 syncrowave which is an excellent machine also equipt w/ the water cooled tig runner.
    My question is .. now they have the miller invision 465(?) wich is a mig set up but it gives an adjustable pulse and a hold back on the wire feed which i think would work excellent on the annodized aluminum. any in put could be helpfull in deciding if this may be the way to go ie...speed of welding, prep time and finished weld appearance.

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    thats a big expensive machine what are you welding an aluminum battle ship. my experience and what little I have with aluminum the migs work great for speed but look nothing like a nice tig weld, at least that i can do yet, and they are much harder to use on lighter/thin gauge material. now with the pulser it may be a different story. I have been kicking around the idea of the mm350p but i need residential power source still think i will get the 300dx first then try and make some cash back and then the 350p machine.
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    pulsed mig is next...

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      Must be an alluminum battleship huh?LOL had to say that.
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        With tig you can adjust the AC wave shape and float the annodizing off when molten and keep it from contaminating the weld. In mig DC is creating the weld bead from the electrode to the work piece hence there isn't an adjustable wave form, and you will have contamination problems unless you grind, scuff, clean real well before you weld. I wont say it cant be done, but it will require more dedication to the prep work for a quality job.