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wich welder, Miller Dynasty 300DX or Lincoln 275 Precision tig...

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  • wich welder, Miller Dynasty 300DX or Lincoln 275 Precision tig...

    Hi, new to the forum tonight. Tonight I sold my Lincoln 175 square wave tig. I bought it 5 years ago to do stuff for myself in my shop working on my cars. Over the years I have been doing alot more tig work with this machine and now I am ready to step up to a water cooled more powerfull versatile machine. In my shop I do alot of moly and mild steel roll cage work, and do alot of custom fabricated items with aluminum in size from about 1/8" to 1/4".

    I thought the machine I wanted was the Lincoln Precision tig 275 but I also found myself interested in the Miller Dynasty 300DX. I have never used a Dynasty machine so the only obvious thing I see from pictures is it is very much smaller compared to the Lincoln machine. I have a small shop and I'm space limited. I'm not color specific, I have a Miller 185 mig machine and love it. I want to hear from you guys that have used both machines and tell me the good and bad about both of them. I haven't made up my mind wich one to get yet, the Miller is about $2100 more than the Lincoln but the cost isn't of any concern to me. This will be a long term investment that will bring money back to me over a short period of time.

    Also, having gone from the 175 square wave to either the Precision 275 or the Dynasty will I see a big difference in weld quality when the machine is set up properly. The 175 was simple enough for me to use, power, polarity, amps. The 175 square wave is the only machine I have tig welded with so could I assume that anything else might be like a cadillac.

    Please tell me all you know about these two machines, Precision tig 275, and the Dynasty 300DX.

    Thanks for your time!!!

    Dynasty 300DX
    Thermal Arc Arcmaster 200

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    i doubt that you will get a UNBIASED reply here



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      There isn't very much bad to say about the 300DX except for maybe the price. I use mine all the time and I love it. It is simply awsome on aluminum. It is also semi portable. I have even taken mine from the shop and stick welded 45 feet of handrail at a local restaurant.


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        Go here and ask Rangerod about his pt 275, and the dynasty 300 and prowaves he uses at work.

        I would go with the Dynasty 300 if you want a very narrow etch zone to your aluminum projects. It it something the PT 275 can not do unless you are welding with dc current. Either machine will work fine, but once you get onto the inverter deal it's real hard to go backwards.

        OK Dawg hows that for unbaised?

        PS-I like my Prowave 300 tsw as much as you dynasty guys like your machines.