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CR2450 for Big Window Elite (Batteries work?)

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  • CR2450 for Big Window Elite (Batteries work?)

    Think these will work for my miller big window elite?

    Seems very quick for needing a set of batteries, maybe this thing had a lot of shelf time.

    I've used it about 10 times, and the batteries are acting like they are dead.
    First it stayed clear, and It didn't tint on first arc, I figured it must be turned off, I hit the on button, and it went dark, light, and then dark, and just stayed dark. It's hard to tell, but outside it looked like the low battery light was on, inside in the dark it seems like it's off.

    Gonna go read the manual, but on first look all the settings look right.

    Seems like a good deal on those batteries if they work.

    Better deal than these, considering I need two batteries if I replace them.

    Might try to find them locally anyway, any better deals out there?



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    False alarm, must be a low-ozone day here today, either that or I fat fingered the sensitivity setting when I hit the on button (with welding gloves on).

    With the setting towards the high end of the mid-range, the hazy-sunlight (cloudy day) was enough to keep it dark all the time.

    With the same setting looking up at a 60 watt lightbulb turned it dark.

    I turned it down to the gap between low and mid-range, which is what the book says for mig-short circuit. Now I can look directly at the light bulb and it doesn't go dark. I'll give it a shot with a mig gun again.

    Might pickup some batteries just so I don't have a "real problem" down the road.




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      glad its not broken. i need to find out what battery it takes, then see if i can get them locally. i don't want to buy a spare, then find out the spare is no good 3 years later when i need it.


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        Try Radio Shack if you can't find them anywhere else.


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          Those batteries are a real common item and are in various calculators, heartrate monitors, LED flashlights etc.

          They should not be a problem to get locally at a good pharmacy, photo shop etc.




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            These batteries are Li primary cells. Generally there is a very slow self discharge rate meaning that if you buy them now and install them in a while they should be ok.

            Generally, Li primary cells will loose about 1%(max) of their capacity/year if stored at an elevated ( 50 Deg C) temperature.

            In other words, if you buy now and install in 2 years they will still have 98% of their original power.

            Hope this helps.