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  • enthusiatic new to welding

    I'm 100% new to welding, but I'd love to do it as I'd like to repair and create furniture, art, decorate and divide rooms, storage areas or spaces with the use of metals, fine woods and glass.
    Someone offers me a mig welder for $50 us dollars and tells me that It needs to have the rod and gun replaced.
    I'd like to get it, but this is the only information I have about the welder:
    MW 4230
    I've looked in several sites but can't seem to sucsess in even finding it.
    Can you help?
    Write or to: [email protected]
    Alberto Rincon

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    Auto arc is made by Miller. You should be able to find a manual on their site.


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      They have it listed but not available online.It cost $15.00 us.


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        It's cool to see someone else here with an interest in artistic fixtures and human-space design. This is my primary interest and what I want to focus on as well. Right now I'm still learning, but I'm getting better and I now have full confidence that I'll be able to master TIG welding to the degree that I want/need.

        I chose to go the TIG (GTAW) route because it seemed to fit what I wanted to do the best. Mainly, excellent aesthetics and the ability to weld any and all wieldable metals with one machine to maintain (and love). I wanted the ability to work with steels, of course, but also aluminum, maybe copper, and eventually titanium. Stainless steel is also a big consideration in this line of work (and is MIGable, so is aluminum, the others I don't know). TIG welding is slower (but generally more precise), so it might not be a good choice for certain high production work, but that is not a problem for me as I can spend as much time with each piece as I want to. This is not always the case.

        I've seen some MIG welds that are, in fact, beautiful in every way. I suggest you research each process to determine what would be most worth your time and money. Perhaps you have already, and MIG is the process you are looking forward to. And if you can get a machine for as cheap as you described, by all means bite! (But make sure you're getting a good deal!)

        Cheers and good luck! I assure you that this board can be one of your best resources for learning, as the friendly people here have proven themselves to be more than willing to answer any questions you might have.

        I'm fairly new myself, but on behalf of everyone here, I'm sure, welcome to the board.

        Now, hopefully someone here can get you some answers about the machine you're interested in!


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          An after market gun assembly will run around $100-125 US depending on the size welder. These are available to fit most brands and are available with guns for all major brand consumables.