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schematic/plans for remote used with SMAW?

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  • schematic/plans for remote used with SMAW?

    anyone tried making a remote to be used with stick welding? Not a handheld but a box with potentiometer that will adjust amps without having to trek back to the machine. schematics, plans, links, pics, advise would be appreciated. thanx

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    huh....... Most everybody uses a remote for stick welding

    Anyways, what kind of machine do you have? I need the model


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      If you have an electronic controlled machine, this is doable but an old shunt style or mechanical machine would be too costly. Most MILLER machines use a 1K pot tied to C-D-E on the 14 pin remote receptacle. C is a 10V ref out, D is circuit common and E is the 0 to 10 command back to the machine from the wiper of the pot.
      If you are doing this on a machine that is not set up for remote use, make sure you have total isolation from the main control pot and the pot in the remote. If you don't, there will be a non-linear control situation because of the parrallel resistances of the two variable pots.

      Good luck



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        I did that to my old Linde when I made it into a tig welder. It is just a large lamp dimmer controlling the 220 to the transformer. Some pics:


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          Looking at adapting two machines, one is an older Bobcat 225 (maybe 16yrs old) and the other a newer Lincoln Tig 275. Lincoln uses a 0-10k pot on their remotes, the best I can tell, then just flip the switch from local to remote. I assume this will be the simpler one to make. The Bobcat, I am not sure if it has the remote plug. If it doesn't I probably wouldn't fool with it. I'll take a look at it next weekend. On the Lincoln, could I just use the handheld tig remote to control amps while stick welding and remote selected? I'm just looking for an easy/fast way to fine tune amps without walking back to the machine to turn the dial. Is it possible to control/vary the amps while actually stick welding? An example,while welding and coming to a thin section, back off on the amps momemtarily to keep from blowing thru.


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            Why don''t cha just pick up a foot pedal for the 275. It's not hard to wire in a simple remote for the bobcat either....