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Dynasty 200DX - Adequate?

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  • Dynasty 200DX - Adequate?


    I've decided to ask everyone's opinion about the 200DX after getting vague answers from my local dealer about it's capabilities.

    My plan is to build a few exhaust headers and intake manifolds, stainless 304 and 6061 for the flanges, both 1/2", with 1/8" tubing inserted into the respective ports and tigged.

    I'll be doing this at home in my garage where the house service is 100 amps. My MM210 has been working fine doing exhaust pipe work with this service.

    I don't see the 300DX in my future due to both the extra $1500 and the limits of my electrical service. So, the question comes down to; does anyone think the 200DX with a water cooled torch can do the job?

    Thanks for your time.


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    This is the major reason I bought mine a week ago, I weld 1/8" 6061 square tubing and have been using the 300dx in school. I heard of a used one for sale and jumped all over it. The amperage your needing is well inside its sweet spot. You can use a gas cooled torch and lighten your expenses a bit. Water cooled is great but I've got a gas cooled and it works great also.

    I also have the mm210w/spoolmate 3035 and this is a great combo add the D200DX and you can do most normal chassis and fabrication for racing requirements.

    You'll not find a bad opinion of the D200dx, small, portable, capable.

    Go for it you'll love it!!!!!!!


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      By rule of thumb 1 amp per .001 thickness.
      1/8 = 125 amps welding output
      1/2 = 500 amps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      But your not fusing two pieces of half together, your fusing 1/8th to 1/2 so I think you'd be fine with the 200 dx for almost everything.

      Some of the big thick stuff looks really clean, if you spray-arc with a 210 mig anyway.


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        I will be the first to bite, If you are joining the tube to 1/2" flange you are ok but anything over 3/8 to 3/8 is going to be your outer limit. Yes thicker can be done with different gas mixes to achieve more heat (ie. helium) but the consertive rule from the teachings of this forum is 3/8 conservitive limit. I will be probably denounced by others that have joined thicker plates but I am talking conservative. This is true in joining aluminium, The dx is a wonder in this area until you hit that top of the bubble. In my case the Spool gun comes out on the thick aluminium stuff.


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          You guys can type alot faster than me, I guess I was the third to bite


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            Thanks for everyone's input and the time you took to give me your opinion. I'll get it on order.


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              Good advice. I don't think anybody will argue with it! I do think 3/8" to 3/8" is the outer limit and then some for the Dynasty 200DX. I have done it with a 75%He/25%Ar shielding gas. Even with the He 1/4" to 1/4" on occasion is about the limit. The addition of joint prep, preheat, and exotic techniques may get the 3/8" and a little thicker. However, complete penetraton is lost in the 1/4" to 1/4" fillet range in most applications.