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  • Making connections

    I just got my Maxstar 150. Powercord is about the size one would expect on say a router. It has a 3 prong grounded style connector on the end (0,90 blades on the supply). The instructions recomend a 30 amp supplied receptical, yet the cord size is nowhere near 30 amp capacity, and the electric supply spots I have tried, don't have recepticals in that configuration in larger sizes than 20 amp.

    Further, one can connect this unit to 110, but it won't connect with the supplied plug, I can make a pigtail, but I'm wondering if there is a better approach to all of this?

    The chance of finding an electrician around here who understands inverter welders is zero. There are tons of great welding shops around here, and by and large they didn't understand the inverter technology either. Heck I finaly found one who did, and gave me great price and service. Today the clerk offered me some free filler rod with the question "so are you going to be welding mostly aluminum", my jaw literaly dropped.

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    On a dedicated circuit you can use a 30A breaker and a 20A recept for this machine. I would be running it on 230 if I could though. Use a 20A plug and make an adapter to go to 230. With the owners manual an electrician would understand how to hook it up.


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      I also would always recomend that you at the very leat consult a liscensed electrician.
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        Here is a picture of the pigtails I made for for my Maxstar. All purchased from HD and I used 12" of 10ga SO for each one, about $25 total in them. I almost always use my 240V/30A in the shop, but I have needed the 120V setup twice at remote loactions to do some light stick welding.
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          Pigtails are fine.
          On the amperage/cord thing. You can't go by the normal ratings of cords. The NEC has a formula that puts into account the duty cycle of the machine when rating power supply cords. You will not have any issues with the cord. It too has to go through product testing with the machine and wouldn't be sold unless it passes BOTH our tests, UL tests, and CSA tests.

          Have fun with it!