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OSHA standard as related to Welding Smoke and Fumes....?

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  • cnslmva

    I may be wrong,but I believe the fume exposure limit is 5.0 mg/cu.meter. Some compounds in welding fume may have lower exposure limits that will be shown on the MSDS. I know that manganese has an exposure limit of 3.0mg/sq.meter. Hope this helps.

    After a little bit of checking, manganese fume limits are 0.2g/cu. meter. Sorry for the misinformation.

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  • Terence638
    If you look at the MSDS on the product that you are using it will give you guidlines that we all should follow.
    For instance the fumes from welding(not grinding) are carcinogic and should be handled as such. But the MSDS is the place to start There is also a class action suit that is being investigated for the long term exposure affects of welding fumes and what the manufactures fail to let you know, remember asbestos?. THE VERY LEAST SHOULD BE A 3-M RESPORATOR WHILE WELDING OR GRINDING.
    But iam guilty of not even following this simple rule.

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  • OSHA standard as related to Welding Smoke and Fumes....?

    Is there an OSHA standard as related to the exposure limits of Total Welding Smoke and Fumes that a worker can be subjected?

    Thank You