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Spoolmate 3035 trick

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  • Spoolmate 3035 trick

    To the guys with the spoolmate 3035 for the mm210, I had some trouble with the hoses getting seperated, bought a 25' leather cable-hose protector for tig torches and it fit like a glove. The ones from tillman with snaps worked the best for me. Nifty cool huh!

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    I don't MIG but I've seen nice glove-leather covers just in case anyone is going to look into this, seemed cool if you had money to spend. I dunno. Industrial Safety Orange nylon for me! That's what I've got on all my torches.

    Of course, I live in Denver, so with the blue machine and and the orange cable it looks like I'm trying to be a Bronco's fan... But still.

    I've seen velcro, zippers, and buttons used to close these things. Buttons and zippers are great, don't buy velcro.

    Added: I just realized that pjseaman already mentioned the leather covers, in fact, he said he HAS one. I missed that, sorry, man... The beer was-a-flowin'


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      where did you get your orange tig covers? I've been trying to ge one for a while. I know weldtec sells them but my rep hasn't been able to get one in yet for a few weeks. I think the orange ones are a real good idea. Just like extension cords.


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        I also use the tillman, and I anchor it on both ends with electrical tape. It really protects hoses and cables from cuts and abrasions, I use it on my plasma whip also.
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          Good idea! I did kinda frown at the nylon ties...


          Forget it all and just head downtown to the Wynkoop Brewing Company. I spent a lot of time there in '91-'92. Great store!

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            I have two and I bought both of them on eBay, the most recent one was from a seller named weldproducts, and I think he still has several for sale (on eBay). They are zippered, genuine USA made TECTorch covers and I had no problems with the seller whatsoever. Arrived in four days. I just checked and he has both 10' and 22' covers ready to go, and you can "Buy It Now" if you don't want to go through the hassle of bidding. They are priced well, I think. 3"x10' Safety Orange and 3"x22' Safety Orange.

            I've been there a few times. I don't know when they started but the whole lower downtown area has been renovated, along with the addition of Coors Field and the Pepsi Center. It's a big new-urbanization rework of all the old factories and warehouses, as in lots of bars/breweries and restaurants at street level and really nice lofts and flats above them. Make sure you go check it out if you're ever back in the area.