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Welding Unlike Sizes

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  • Welding Unlike Sizes

    This hasn't yet happened to me, but when welding unlike sizes of metal - let's say 1/8 plate to a 1/4 plate, do you weld at the smaller thickness setting to prevent burn-through? Or do you use the thicker size metal's setting? I'm inclined to think that you use the thinner metal's settings.

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    brad i just did that last week, i was using a mm250 set it at 5 and 5 and favored the 1/4

    came out real warpage !

    i even suprised myself



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      use the setting for the heavier material and weld on that and push the puddle into the thinner material..
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        Yup, heavier setting and wash it into the thin stuff. Concentrate most of the heat on the thicker side, and allow just enough to wash over to make a sufficient bead with out burning through. It takes some practice and patience at times, but it really is easy.

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          Don has it, and is my philosophy as well whether mig or tig. Created a small pit of SS last week, had the bright idea to use 3/8" SS tubing for hinges on
          the sch 10 tube, was a bear till I screwed my head on correctly, LOL
          May the BLUE FORCE be with you