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A new "Weld/Picture Evaluation" section ??

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  • A new "Weld/Picture Evaluation" section ??


    I see many posts from members asking to have their welds evaluated. Why not have a new section of this forum for weld evaluations? There can be a small set of spec required for proper evaluation:

    1. Metal Type
    2. Metal Thickness
    3. Weld Type (Tig, MIG, etc...)
    4. Weld settings (wire speed, tap/voltage, tig settings, etc...)
    5. Wire settings (Brand, size, type - flux, solid core)
    6. Position? (verticle, horizontal, upside down, underwater )
    7. Gas type and settings

    I think this would be a FANTASTIC education tool. People can see what BAD welds look like as well as what a great weld looks like. We can all learn from all the expert opinions.

    Andy can you make this section happen with the webmaster?

    Does anybody think this is a good idea?

    A bad idea?

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    i think it would be a good tool for everyone
    to weld or not to weld that is the question


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      My 2ยข: The Hobart board is split into three sections. I guess it's OK, and maybe it gives folks a sense of organization to see things arranged by topic, but I knda like the free-flow of this board. All the topics seem to get handled, and you don't have to jump around to three different sections to see everything. Besides, I ain't all that well organized...

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        Just my 2 cents but I agree with Hank. I like the way it flows here as well. I've seen other boards go this way and IMHO it was to their detriment.
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          I agree with hank, if someone is up to the Q&A and has some photos then post-em. Handle each one on it own merits and there are other things to weigh into the issue so cover each as its own topic. Besides if they put on a section like that my $200 worth of textbooks would be obsloete.


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            What I want to see is

            a "Gallery of Bad Welds"

            Not attributed to anyone, and with a good weld or two to compare them against, but the sketches in my books really don't do justice to the all of the various and sundry ways of melting metal.

            If anyone knows of something like that out there, a link would also work.


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              At a certain point in every project, it comes time to shoot the engineers and build the d*** thing.<< very true kdahm

              i think if u wanted input on a weld bead you should just post a pic for all to review
              to weld or not to weld that is the question


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                I agree with hank
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