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dynasty 200 wire feeder?

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  • dynasty 200 wire feeder?

    the 3045 fc feeder works with a cc machine supposedly, so could i use it with my dynasty 200 for wire welding purposes? if so how well does it work? i need a mig machine now and would like to maybe just buy the wire feeder. if not a viable option maybe a millermatic 210 is in my future. thanks for help everybody.

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    dont fool around, get the 210 and be done with it. Another setup even if you did get it to work will never work as well as the MM210 will. Its also nice to have a couple of machines if for some reason one would conk (unlikely but it does happen) you wont be left without in the middle of something. The 210 is going to give a very wide choice in adjustments for different thickness of materials. I am not sure but I would almost bet that the feeder unit would cost as much as the whole 210 anyway.


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      Not going to work. The inverter engine in the Dynasty will try to compensate too fast. The 3045 FC feeder is better suited for drooper CC machines like engine drives or stick machines.



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        I don't think the Dynasty 200 would even start to drive a VS feeder due to its low OCV.