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    Ive recently started to use my Mig set up recenly.
    Ive got a XMT 304 CC/CV with the 22A feeder. I am useing a .035 e 70S wire flux cored. My CO2 argon mix is 75/25.
    Ive played with the voltage setting and the gas setting but i am not getting as clean of a bead as i want and im am getting exccesive amount of slatter, plus the weld is covered with the flux but it is as if the flux does not get completely melted to form the sheilding that it needs? do I make sence? it is gray and flakey almost.
    Should I be using the flux cored wire with the shielding gas should I not use the shielding gas with the flux cored and when welding on 3/8" plate steel and angle iron what should my setting be on the equiptment?
    wire speed, Gas, Voltage?
    any thoughts would be extremly helpfull.

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    if you have the proper set up for using a shielding gas thaen no dont use flux core. If you are using .030 swiych to solid wire. Also make sure your polarity is correct.
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      Originally posted by dyn88
      If you are using .030 swich to solid wire. Also make sure your polarity is correct.

      I concur, flux core will never look perfect.


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        Di I Need The shielding gas if I stay with the Flux cored Wire?


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          Both kinds of wire are made. I tried gasless flux core and just didn't like it. It even said on the box that some welders may not like the bead apperance. They were right.


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            Normally to run fluxcore you will have to switch the polarity of the work lead and the gun. I think this will help the bead profile issues your describing.

            Hope this helps,