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Why such a difference in sound?

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  • Why such a difference in sound?

    I have been using my old white face Miller 200 mig welder for almost 15 years, and it was probably close to that old when I got it. I have taken pretty good care of it and the only real repairs to date have been a set of capacitors and the main amperage switch. The repairman told me to hold onto the machine because it was built so well that he said my grandkids would be using it someday.

    Now to my question. I have been toying with the idea of getting a new machine. Mine still welds great, but having used it daily for so long I keep wondering when it might leave me high and dry. Guy that works for me recently purchased a new DVI machine and had it shipped to the shop so that we could play with it and get it all set up for him. Both machines are using the same wire, .030 and running on straight CO2. We set up his machine off of the chart and it initially was a little fast on wire speed so we slowed it down and got a very nice looking bead immediately. But, the wierd thing is, the weld sounds completely different on the DVI machine as compared to the old 200. Have the electrics of the machines been changed so much over the years that it would make that much of a difference in the sound?

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    yes. what is the input primary voltage. the settings on the machine are for max rating. ie. 220 not 110.
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      Both machines are running on 208 volts.


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        The Millermatic DVI is designed to run on a 115 volt or 230 volt circuit. Your loweer 208 volt circuit is more then likely effecting the output of the unit.


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          at the shop i work at we have 2 miller delta weld 300 mig welding machines and if both are set exactly the same they sound diffrent
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            I have a 20 something year old Hobart. I also weld with a 24 volt battery charger that powers up either a Miller or a Lincoln wire feeder. They all sound the same to me.