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Tungston / Filler rod size?

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  • Tungston / Filler rod size?

    What is the best size tungston and filler rod to use for 14 or 16 gauge steel/aluminum? What would be the best size cup?

    Also, I bought some 1/16 tung and filler for aluminum, but I could not get 1/16 for steel, the store was out. I got 1/16 tung, but can you use 3/32 filler rod with a 1/16 tung?


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    It would be tough to use the 3/32 filler with the low amp welding you are doing with the 1/16 tungsten. You will need the 1/16 filler to do it right.

    Good luck



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      For general purpose stuff I have often used 3/32 rod with 1/16th tungsten.

      According to a chart I got from CK Worldwide, 1/16 tungsten is good for steel up to 1/8" thick. So in some cases you will find yourself with this combination.

      But as Andy said, at low amperage (like you would use for 16 gage) the 3/32 rod will be a little large ...unless you are filling gaps.

      According to the same chart you should use a 4, 5 or 6 size nozzle. That seems a little small to me, unless you are in a tight spot or trying to save gas, I would use a 6, 7 or 8. Try it and see what works best for your situation.