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Looking for Canadian Phone Number ......

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  • Looking for Canadian Phone Number ......

    Anyone have a phone number for ;

    Weld Alert Ltd.
    8542 75 Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta, T6C0H1 CANADA

    I have not been able to locate the phone number on the net.

    Anyone in Canada from this list know them?

    Thank You

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    That is because they (I) subcontract direct to Technology Transfer at
    780 414-1800.

    Your smoke eater cables are on there way. Just like our customs, yours tend to take just as long, that is why I like the 5 day UPS or Fedex.
    USPS just desn't work well for packages.

    For instance I just got 3 feeders in. I ordered them at the end of September. Now they were trucked in.

    USPS mailers work ok, as they glide on in and bypass the customs warehouses, however, boxes get trapped in the back hole of the these same warehouses for sometimes months as clerks rip the boxes apart, break whatever was inside and charge me for them breaking it.