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Aluminum, at what thickness do you go from tig to mig?

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  • Aluminum, at what thickness do you go from tig to mig?

    I know there is an answer but I can't remember it. Other posts here about purchasing a Tig have made me think about this.

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    Hi Mike

    As a general rule TIG normally isn't performed on sheet greater than 1/4" thick. At that I would restrict TIG work to things like outside corner fillets etc. We used to weld 1/16" Ally with a standard MIG if that is any guide for you. TIG is definately really great for fusion (doesn't have the sidewall fusion issue that MIG does), sealing and pretty work on thin gauge material.
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      Hi Andy, that is what I was thinking, or trying to remember.


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        It really depends on what you are doing. I know companies doing 3/4 all tig. That's because it hase to be precision, not high speed. Now if you are doing dump boxes or trailers that can be production welded, go mig.
        There's a company here in Charlotte that makes alot of the internal structure for ships for the military out of thick aluminum and all that is Tig welded too. Thickness should not be your only deciding factor on moving between processes.

        Have fun