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spot welding using a TIG

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  • spot welding using a TIG

    I need to do some spot welding on autobody applications. I have been using my MIG in the past. I would just drill or punch through and then fill the hole and grind it down. I just purchased a syncrowave 180, although I am considering returning it for a dynasty. But that's another thread. Can you do spot welding the proper way with a TIG? If so what do you need and will the dynasty and the syncrowave 180 both do it? This would be great since I was thinking of purchasing one of those big bulky spot welders with the giant prongs.

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    I have used the Syncrowave 250 for a few spot welds just to try it. I had a cup that someone had broke a little piece of at the end. I just made sure the tungsten was recessed a little. It worked great on the thin metal I tried.