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  • Blown S-10
    try this. make a bad weld on purpose. then see what he has to say. put the teacher to the test.

    when those classes start, they have to figure than you don't know anything. and have to start from the begining. i'm sure/hope it gets better as it goes.

    keep us posted

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Not to sound rude, But try ASKING for some guidance. {especially if youre paying for the course} Get your instructors opinion. My instructor was the same way but one day i told him" Give me some **** feedback" From that day forth he was all in my face telling me this and telling me that, But that was a good thing. . Let him or her know that your dead serious about what you are learning.
    I was lucky and didnt have to pay for my course JTPA {Job Training Partnership Act}paid for it for me.
    I am thinking of getting a PELL grant and going back for an advanced course.

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  • Mike W
    It sounds like you could be teaching the class. If you do learn some useful tips, pass them along to your buddies here.

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  • Steved
    started a topic TIG Course - progress

    TIG Course - progress


    I have started the TIG course and I am not sure what to say at this point.

    The first day was theory that I have already picked up from reading and the second day was practical. There are 8 more days at 3 hours each of practical.

    So far all that we have done is mild steel in the flat position, 1/8" with 3/32 tungsten, 2% thoriated. Practice beads, practice filler, lap joint.

    I feel as though I have done all of this (I have in my garage) and I do not seem to be learning a lot. The instructors say that my welds are good but do not give any sort of additional advice like "there may be undercut here, or try this instead" This is somewhat frustrating to me as I am not sure how I am improving without any feedback. I just seem to be practicing with no guidance. (I can do that a lot cheaper in my garage)

    The one good thing that I got to experience is a TIG machine with a current control pedal. WOW! Is that a treat or what? The machine that I currently own does not have an adjustable current on the fly option. My welds have improved greatly with this feature alone!

    Don't get me wrong as I know that I am not the greatest weldor but I just though that I would be getting a bit more input from the instructors.

    Hopefully as the course progresses and we move to thiner/out of position welding they will have some good comments.

    Will keep you posted.