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spool gun troubles?

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  • spool gun troubles?

    Hi guys! new here, been on the side for quite a while, Got a small problem, i think.Have a MM210 & 3035. Problem is that when i fire up the spoolgun the first 2-3 seconds it seems that it is very cold laying down the bead, after that it cooks just fine, using 4043-.035 - argon. Also have a 250NT - 3545 spoolgun on that one and havent had any problems there, same wire, same gas. any ideas? thanks guys. Oh! the 3545 is7 months old, the 3035 is three weeks old, me? dont ask! LOL
    250NT/ 3545 MM210/ 3035 Trailblazer 302

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    Most of the guys on here reccommend .030 and .035 tips for the 3035 on the MM210. I haven't had a chance to try mine yet, but hopefuly I can get to the suppler this week and grab up some Al to melt! Let you know what happens.

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      Might check the spool gun connection and ground clamp connection. Sounds like when I have a dirty ground, it will arc and then go. Be sure you are pulling the trigger fully from the start too. I have had different triggers act differently and I thought I had a problem with the machine.
      I have the MM210 w/spool gun and I haven't noticed that problem.


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        i have the same problem with my delta weld 300 when i first start it i ound if u turn the heat up just a lil it compensates for it
        to weld or not to weld that is the question


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          from what i understand from a few welding classes i have just taken its normal, its a cold weld
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            Thanks for the replys. That gives me some things to look over, also thought i would try the 3545 on the 210 to see if it was the gun, machine, or me.Thank-you!
            250NT/ 3545 MM210/ 3035 Trailblazer 302