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Size of tig torch

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  • Size of tig torch

    Could someone please tell me the size difference between these two tig torches?
    DB2625R -- 200 Amp Air Cooled

    DB20M25R -- 250 Amp Water Cooled

    Thanks for any help with this subject!


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    hope this helps

    not shoure what you are asking

    DB2625R -- 200 Amp Air Cooled
    this is a tig torch rated for 200 amps and is cooled by air. meaning it will weld 200 amps at 100% duty cycle, and you dont need a watter coller to operate it . just plug and play

    DB20M25R -- 250 Amp Water Cooled
    this is a 250 amp water cooled torch you can weld 250 amps at 100% duty cycle. it requires that you hook it up to a water coller in order to use it.

    if this helps great if not i think you need to help us help you by giving us a clearer question. the air cooled torch will look larger but the water colled will be smaller in phisical size.

    1 will let you weld 50 amps more than the other.DB20M25R -- 250 Amp Water Cooled, being the higher amp rating.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Tig torch size

      I do completely understand the amperage rating, and I apologize for not being clear enough. My fault! I'm completely talking physical size. I've used a 250 amp water cooled torch in the past and loved the size of it for tight areas. I was just wondering if a 200 amp air cooled is the same physical size and would use the same collars, gas cups, etc.

      Thanks very much,


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        The air cooled torches have considerable bulk by comparison to the water cooled units like the #20 250 amp torch. As for parts and interchangeability check out TEC Torch . Just click on air cooled or water cooled torches at the upper left of this page. Once the display opens look at the accessory kit at the far right column for each torch model. If the kit numbers ( AK-2 for example) are the same, then they use the same internals and cups.


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          I just wanted to thank you guys for the info. It was very helpful. I figure I need to go ahead and get a water cooled setup to be able to keep the smaller torch.