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    I am looking at buying a Engine-Driven welder and would like to know what you all think.

    I was looking at Trailblazer® 301 D or a Trailblazer®Pro 350 D. I kinda like the Pro 350 for the added power, and a little larger Carbon rod.

    Although i have a Dynasty 300 so AC is not a must but would be nice to have 3 phase power output so i would have to go up to the Big 40 to get that.

    Lots of choices. Your input would be nice.

    Thanks All
    Dry Creek Welding
    Dynasty 300DX Tigrunner
    Trailblazer 302
    Spectrum 2050
    suitcase 12RC

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    I have owned several engine drives including the Bobcat and Trailblazer 301G. The 301G is nice and will do 3/16" and even 1/4" carbons. However, any of these smaller machines with small armatures do not like steady arc gouging. The 350 is a nice step up for sure. Take a look at the Pipe Pro 304 and the Pro 300D. I welded with a Pro 300D this spring and absolutely loved it. If you do go with a Big 40 be sure to invest in the CC/CV Deluxe! That would be my choice.

    Weight is a factor to consider in transporting the machine as well.