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1% lanthanated ?

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    Thanks, that's another great answer. I wasn't sure if I'd ge the benifit of increased arc stability and better starts w/ the lanthanated using my syncrowave. I'll deffinately make the switch next time I order tungsten. Thanks again.


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      Originally posted by Wheat

      Just so you know, those are from Diamond ground. I bought from both companys.
      Lev runs that one, and is great to deal with.

      This is Diamond grounds e-bay name. Jim is the president, and he handled my order when I screwed it up. Pretty cool that people do care about the little guy.


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        i tried the hyperperformance stick last night. i couldn't tell a difference from a thoriated. i looked at the ebay, aglevtecs, tungstens. he wants $8.50 for shipping, sheeesh. but i may have to bite the bullet.


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          Blown S-10

          dimond ground is sending me out some sample 3/32" preground 1.5% and 2% lanth. in 20 degree with .020 flat 1.5% and 35 degree with .030 flat 2%, in standerd and high polish finish. i should have them soon, as well as prices for preground and non-ground, i'll pass the price info on too you when i get it.

          i wont be able to try them yet to tell you how they work as i dont have my dyn. yet but HAWK swears by them.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            i went to a local shop and got a sylvania 1.5(least thats what the box said), $5 each, i got 1. i didn't notice any difference between the 3 kinds i have.


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              well, i just checked arc-zones site. as i suspected, it is not a lanthanated, its a ceriated. gray. i'm going to have diamond send me a sample.