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  • hankj
    I can't find any reference in any matalurgical text I have that supports welding thick sections without pre-heat. We'll see what the senior statesmen on the board have to say about it, but I just can't imagine that the thermal shock that would occur in the base metal from sufficient heat input to achive a good weld would not have an adverse effect.


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  • dyn88
    started a topic 1 inch and over

    1 inch and over

    My regional ABCO representative came by my shop yesterday to help us gear up to weld some one and a half A36 and two inch A36.He told me of a wire with silicon and metal fragments in the core(like dual sheild). He claims that with this wire there is no preheat neccassary. Ive always been told and practiced the one inch and over rule. If your base is one inch or thicker you must preheat to avoid eccessive warping and any cracking. Is anybody familiar with this miracle wire, or should I call his boss and ask him if I had been led up a tree with no branches?