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Dynasty 200DX on the way ?????

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  • Dynasty 200DX on the way ?????

    Well went to the local welding shop and finally purchased the Dynasty 200DX that I have been longing for. I also ordered the contactor kit with the finger control at the same time. Hopefully it is in tomorrow so I can play on the weekend. I have some questions:

    What tungsten should I be using, I have a chart from Miller website that says use Ceriated or lanthanated for an inverter type machine. What is the difference between then, like does one weld aluminum better and one steel & stainless better??

    My friend also suggest I purchase a gas lense? Is this a good idea? Do I use the lense with aluminum, or with everything.

    What determines the gas cup that I purchase, I see there are ones with large and small openings?

    I already have TIG gloves, autodim helmet, and mild steel, 309 stainless rod, and 4043 aluminum rod. Anything else you can think that I will need to get started TIGGIN
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    Don't forget a bottle of argon.


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      Here is some goon information

      Read and reread your manual,especialy if you're like me and can't remember anything
      Also buy the student pack from Miller,use the search button and these guy's on the boad are the best


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        don't bother with the gas lense, for now. you will likely burn it up real quick. just get some tungston of your choice, and a couple more cups. and a NEW grinding wheel, the finest you can get @ the hardware store, for your grinder. then practice a LOT.


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          I use 1.5 lanthanated for both steel and alum. Do not ball tungsten even
          if your welding alum.

          Have fun its a great MACHINE!


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            read first

            read the owners manual firt. especily if you already know how to TIG
            cant stress enough that this is a new animal, not the same old thing with a fancy new wrapper.
            1.5% LANTHANATED is the best for the Dyn200 and will last the longest.
            congrats on the new babby
            thanks for the help
            hope i helped
            feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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              You might get a package consumables kit, I've seen from radnor comes with 3 sizes of tungsten with matching cups and collets. I also have a brush designated for only ALuminum and one for only Stainless.

              Happy welding,

              ps: Also there is a product called chem sharp for sharpening tungstens works great.