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  • Tube welding

    I am building a dragster chassis I bought it with the front half near completion and no back half just pieces. Can I weld the rest of the frame with a fluxcore Mig or do I need a gas system,I have some experiance welding.

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    Do you know if it is a chrome-moly tube or just mild steel? I'm not a fan of flux core type wires unless it's a field repair. A system that uses gas will give better results and less post weld clean up.

    If it is a chrome-moly type material, I would Tig it.



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      If you are going to be bracket racing this car with expected e.t's of 9.99-7.50 Nhra must certify the chassis. So if its chrome moly tube their rules state it must be tig welded if it is mild steel it can be tigged or migged (no flux core). If you don't plan on running quicker than 9.99 in the quarter you do not need to have it certified and can use the process of your choice.