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    I was searching around the internet and found a link to a 4x4 site that had a schematic for a DC SCRATCH START TIG MACHINE. It used a 130 amp high output Ford alternator and an air compressor motor. It showed how to wire it up to the torch and a light dimmer switch to adjust. Is a DC machine that close to a car/ amperage from the alternator able to make a useable weld at 100% duty cycle. If it is I could go to the junk yard and build one cheap just add bottle, flowmeter, torch with gas control on handle.
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    refound the link

    thought this was really interesting
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      neet but not a dynasty

      it will no dought work but with verry limmited controle. you could tig weld with a battery out of your car ,tig is just a controled short circuit with gass.if you want to tig you should buy a tig and then build 1 for fun to play with. i wouldnt want to have a job depending on it.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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        Another "makeshift" TIG that I have seen uses the power source from a cheapie MMAW machine, with a TIG torch, cylinder and regulator. Be a little bit safer than playing around with that setup, and would allow you half decent amperage control. If the machine is a cheapie, the duty cycle will probably be fairly limited, compared to the 100% they claim (I think I would like to see it before I believe it!).

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