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  • dirty cups

    when would a cup be considered junk, or need to be cleaned ? can a dirty cup drop junk in the weld ? as long as there is nothing loose on it ?
    can a cup be cleaned ? how ?

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    A dirty or contaminated cup will contaminate the weld especially in aluminum. Not as much with steel. The contaminants will draw off the sides of the cup. If you pushed a filler rod onto the tungsten and blew it apart bad, it will also contaminate the cup.



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      thanx, thats what i thought. i'm going to get some more parts, and have aluminum only parts. it may help, may not. but won't cost much to try it.

      anyone want to fill me in on the part #'s for the parts ? i don't know what all those #'s mean . to make things easier, i have a Weldcraft WP17 w/#7 cup & 3/32. i want to get a 7 gas cup, lense, etc. some more standard cups, maybe some longer of that size ?
      and i was thinking i would be able to use a smaller size tungston/cup for smaller work, could i ? what do you recomend for thinner stuff, like .025-.050 ish ?



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        Another newbie question, what do all the different size cups do?


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          the cup size is matched (or should be) to the tungston size. then there is the different shaped cups, to allow for different joint applications. or so this is the way i understand it. me = fng


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            Here is some good information to download.It may take a little while if not on a broadband internet


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              10n47 is what comes in the torch package for 3/32 tungstens. Get a #6 and an 8 too. See what the difference is you may like one better than the other. A bigger opening slows the gas down more. Or get a gas lens too.