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Looking to buy a mig welder

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  • Paul Seaman
    Welcome aboard, I will stand in the corner for the mm210. I've had mine for 2 years and have done multi-pass floor plates for some machine shelving with 1" plates and sch 80 pipe collars, 16 assemblies, 6 passes per, 4 minutes per pass, the machine worked harder than I could. I always say buy the most machine you can afford. If the money isn't an issue get the mm251, but the mm210 is a formidable machine with experience.

    For the stick welding the thunderbolt is solid, but Hanks advise for the syncrowave or dynasty will open up much more diversity although it will lighten your wallet considerably more.

    One scenerio would be buy the mm210 and the syncrowave 180 which would give you mig, tig and stick. The money you save on the 210 would make the syncrowave 180 more affordable. Just an idea.


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  • Alex
    Hank, you da man!

    Once again I have to agree, emphatically, with Hank. Don't forget to add a plasma cutter.

    Be cool,

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  • hankj
    If you plan on going into business from home, I'd get the MM251. It has the capacity for anything you will need to do there. Also I'd go to a Syncrowave 180SD and get the ability to do TIG as well as stick. If bucks are no problem, then it'd be the Dynasty 200DX instead.


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  • watermelonman
    Guest started a topic Looking to buy a mig welder

    Looking to buy a mig welder

    I want to buy a mig welder for using in a shop at home. I want to be able to build utility trailers and trailer hitches and i also want to be able to weld body metal. I was looking at the millermatic 210 or the 251. I do not want to be limited as to what i can weld with this machine.

    I am also looking to buy a stick welder. I was looking at buying the thunderbolt xl ac/dc machine. Is this a good machine?

    What i want to do is set up a welding shop at home in my garage.

    Thank you for your help.