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  • Looking for a TIG

    Never thought I would see the day I wish I lived in New York but I kinda wish I did now!

    I was seriously considering a 180 SD but you guys have me convinced I might should hold off for a 200 Dynasty.

    Decisions Decisions Decisions.


    Thermal Arc 185-TSW
    Millermatic Challenger 172
    Atlas Craftsman 12 by 24 Lathe
    Esab PCM-875
    Wholesale Tool Mill-Drill

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    I had a D200DX and a D300DX. I just sold my 200DX yesterday! They are great machines for shop and road, but I gave up most of the road work so the 300 is perfect for the shop,


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      I use a 300dx in school and its awesome. The older transformer machines are good but the inverters are the best. You'll be glad you waited, I promise its worth the wait.


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        while i like inverters.... i now have acess to a 300dx but there is a certian comfort that i get running a transformer machine....

        reason #1 transformers are proven (they have been used since ww2)

        reason #2 the transformer machines have less to foul up

        reason #3 inverters are still realitivy new to home use and i am still leary about dropping all that cash on something that isnt proven......

        plus now a days you can get a nice 250 amp transformer machine that you can fit under the work bench....

        that machine that you had posted is a SWEET MACHINE and if i had the $$ that would be my FIRST choice



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          I wasn't intending on putting down the transformers, just my preferance and when the power bill comes due the inverter will use less. I have used both and nearly bought a shopmaster. Soon I will pick up a 200DX. I only have 50 amps to work with in the garage and the transformers are just a bit hungrier than that, so for me the Dynasty 200DX is the best. Also the size is quite a bit smaller.


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            PJS, no harm done...... i do understand about paying the bills but all i see is these guys dropping all this cash on these inverters before they even know how to tig ...... ?



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              I understand your concern. I, like you, learned on the old gray sinewave machine. The Dynastys are light years different and better in many ways. However, for many residential hobby welders the lightweight power mising inverters hold considerable charm. I would not take anything for my D300DX except maybe a variable polarity Liburdi GTAW unit. My only attachment to the Ideal Arcs is sentimental at best