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  • TIG steel, HAWK

    here is a pic of the ac steel you said to try. i don't really see any difference, sept dc looks a bit better. this is on .110", thats all i had. cource i'm probably doing it wrong. what am i supposed to get here ?

    i can't seem to get stacked dimes on steel. is this for aluminum only ?
    why do all my welds look gray ? i would think they should be kinda shinny

    in the backround are my first attemps at aluminum filets. welds are somewhat good, but don't look the greatest. i think i need to extend my electrode.
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    Blown S-10,

    First thing is it looks too hot. What is your EN balance setting? What are the rest of your settings? The stacked dimes should work fine for steel and other materials as well as aluminum. Give me some settings to evaluate so we can get your problems narowed down.


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      i wrote down the settings you said to use, except i lowered the amps a bit.
      going by memory: balance 97, amps 100, ac, 110hz. on the dc bead, penetration was excellent, nice little beads on the back. argon 15 psi. e70s-6, 1/16.


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        Try running the balance @ 98-99 and the arc freq @ 220-250. This will tighten up the arc and make it more controlable.



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          i normaly do run the hz at 250 or so, man, is that something or what
          or are you suggesting it for the ac steel ?

          btw. i can't get it to ac smaw


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            Blown S-10,

            I am not suggesting AC for steel as a general rule. It has been documented at a high EN balance as Andy mentioned 98-99% which is nearly DC. Most of the information on it is for thin steel under 1/8". I do use it on plate up to 3/4". Some people have had good results. Like anything else practice is paramount.

            You still need to clean you material well. You will get some cleaning action from the AC arc, but not a lot with the balance set that high. DCSP is the recommended polarity for steel.


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              Blown S-10,

              You might try turning your gas flow up or down by 3-5 CFH and see what happens on the AC steel.

              What is the problem with AC stick? Be sure the PROCESS switch is set to stick and the OUTPUT switch is set for ON--not remote std or remote 2T hold.


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                since i don't have the needed experience on dc, i think i will just stick with dc for now. and let the ac thing go till next year, my garage time it getting slim as its getting colder outside.

                i don't know what the problem is with ac stick. i was laying some dc welds, and desided to try ac. i pushed to button, and all i got was that help thing while the switch had pressure on it. there is nothing in the manual about ac stick. the reason i want to try ac is that this machine needs a lot of input power for dc stick = all but useless with my limited power. maybe ac would be forgiving.

                i have found a way to clean VERY well. grind it clean, as i did in those pics. you are just seeing the paint that i didn't grind, no need to. on aluminum, use a NEW grinding disc and go at it. my aluminum beads are SUPER clean.


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                  too cold

                  LOL been there done that i just spent $100 on inselation for the shed and picked up a sweet lil's of a 1lbs cilender or 2 1lbs cilenders or 1or 2 20lbs tanks (propain) picked it up at TCS it's 4,000-9,000 or 18,000 bdu's.nice to heat up on 18,000 then hold's heat well at 4,000.i figured if i'm guna get my dyn.200 in late Nov. i beter get some heat in the shop
                  the heater was only $118.00 its a raideant type with a built in fan so it's prity eficant. you might look into 1 it's guna keep me out of the house
                  i ran electric heater's last winter and paid for it all summer long trying to get my bill down . the lil woman told me she would kick my b-t if i ran them again this winter
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                  thanks for the help
                  hope i helped
                  feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                  summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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                    I have a small work space 14'x21' and my heat is supplied by a 50,000 BTU Kerosene convection heater. It takes a while to get the temp but when you get it warm it stays there for about a gallon per evening.


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                      i figured out how to get it on ac stick, but didn't try it, getting late. but i will in the morning.

                      heat in my garage, done that. a few years ago i was doing a major rework on my engine, took all winter. i had one of those single round heaters on propane, 20# tank. and a small fan above it to blow the heat on me. i stood about 2-3' away from it. the thing is, at the time i had the front end off the truck, so there was some room to move/work.

                      now, i don't plan on anything like that. so room is pretty much non-existant.
                      so when it gets really cold i will not be out there. maybe i will try it inside the house at that time, don't know yet.

                      is your intercooler this big, hhehehehehehe
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                        We use propane radiant heaters that mount directly on to any lp tank for grill size up to the big 100's that meet you chest high. There is one at the home garage and 4 at the shop between the machine and welding bays. A tank costs around $50 and runs all winter at home and a couple week at the shop. 40+ foot ceilings...


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                          Blown S-10,

                          Very nice!!! How does she run?


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                            yeah , thats the kind i have. its round one, single. worked ok. on a grill tank.

                            how does it run ? look in sig. because of the factory computer tuning, which i still have , it peeters out in 3rd gear.

                            one of these days i will show you guys my truck. its NOT what you think. least is not one of those 25" wheel, *** dragin low riders.
                            the eingine bay is impressive looking.


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                              We are using the 3 round units per tank. Each individual burner is adjustable for low, medium, and high. Waiting for the truck...