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  • dynasty 200dx settings

    I just bought a new dynasty 200dx welder and am in the process of doing some welds on .2" aluminum c channel. i am looking for information on the settings i would use for fillet and lap welds on this material. for example balance, all pulse functions, and waveshape

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    try : 150 amps, 75 balance (though i'm still not sure what balance does, thats just where i set mine) and 250hz. and extend your tungston out a little more for fillets.

    i tried pulse, but failed to see the benefits.

    250hz kicks butt !!!


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      I do not understand how those settings could possibly work with what im trying to weld. the rule of thumb is 1 amp for every .001" of material. wouldnt i need 200 amps to weld it?


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        Stack O Dimes,

        Try 180-200 amps since you are welding just over 3/16" on the thickness and you are correct on the rule of thumb. Inverters require a little less than the 1 amp / .001".

        Try setting the balance between 68 and 75 for starters. If the cleaning area around the bead (the white perimeter) is more than 1/8" turn the balance higher. If it is nearly invisible, turn the balance lower. If your beads develop pin pricks, lower your balance. Around 110HZ on the frequency is fine. 250 HZ will be too tight of an arc for a fillet or lap unless you are using He or an Ar/He mix. No pulse for this one.

        Blown S-10,

        The higher the balance the more penetration and less cleaning. Too low of a balance (55% or lower) will typically concentrate too much heat on the tungsten and melt it down. It will also provide too much cleaning with a lack of penetration.


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          well, i did say "try" . i was doing .125 filets on 110amp & 250hz, and burning though in a few places. so 150 sounded good.


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            Blown S-10,

            Good try! Settings will vary from machine to machine. The settings I mentioned may be hot. He will just have to test and see what works for his machine.