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Differences Between Miller 250 Syncro and 250DX

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  • Differences Between Miller 250 Syncro and 250DX

    I have recently come across an used Miller 250 Syncro TIG welder for
    sale....price to be determined.

    When did the 250DX start selling and when was the 250 Syncro phased

    What are the differences between the older 250 Syncro and the current
    250DX model?

    Of these differences, which ones matter versus which ones are trival?

    Any idea what a good price for a used 250 Syncro would be?

    If you were to buy a new 250DX, who would it be from?

    Finally, can a Miller 250 welder be operated on a 50 amp 220V circuit
    as long as the welder is not used in its higher amperage range. The 50
    amp circuit is already installed and will be replaced early next year
    with a higher amperage service.



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    There's actually 3 generations of the Sync 250 now with the new ones that just came out. The difference between the 250 and the DX are few. The DX has more Microprocessor control but the weld section of the unit is electronically the same. The components are a bit different but the topology of the unit is the same. There were a few versions of the one you are looking at also. Get the year of manufacture or the serial number to verify if this unit is the later design. The older ones used a current shunt to measure the welding current. The better ones, made later in 1990 had a hall device current sensor that was more accurate and provided better reliability of the motherboard. The 250 units had a variable HF setting that would control intensity of arc starting where as the 250DX had a variable current setting for hotter starts or lower start levels and a fixed HF setting. I'm sure you would be happy with any Syncrowave unit. They always have been the Cadilac of welders.

    Good luck



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      Thanks for the response helps alot.

      Can you tell me when each of the three different versions of the 250 were introduced?

      Also, the 250 seems to be a very popular that because of its capabilities or pricing?

      A variation of the original many different models of the 180 exist, when were each model introduced and what were their differences?




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        The present 250DX Integrated Cooler is only a couple months old. The Sync 250DX and DX Tigrunner is about 4 yrs old and the original 250 Version 1 and 2 were around since the mid '80s.

        There were 2 versions of the Sync 180. The second version came out last year and contain digital meters and an operator control for balance.

        The Syncs are very popular because of the way they weld and because Miller designed the squarewave back in the late '70s. everthing else in the squarewave type machines are basically a copy of the Syncrowave. Some companies have even lost court battles over our patents of square wave and have paid us royalties until 1999. They are not a bargain priced machine but they are the Caddie of Tig welders. The Corvette of tig welders now is the Dynasty



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          Thanks Andy, your information helps alot to help evaluate what is out there in the marketplace.

          I did not know that the 250DX Integrated Cooler existed.

          I DID know that the Dynasty line is the cat's meow ;<) if Miller would only extend their warranty on them I would have a 200DX within a month.

          Maybe Santa will fill the request....I've been a very good boy! ;<)