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    I am trying to decide which machines to purchase. I am looking at the mm175 for my mig duties and possibly the econotig for my stick and tig jobs. I have used the smaller mig guns for lightwieght jobs but it seems they were always cranked up to max capasity to get the job done. I am a little concerned with any product that starts with econo in its name. I am a machinist by trade but did go to the local jr. collage for welding because I just wanted to know how and just play with it on my own. This was about 12 yrs ago. I wish I payed more attintion to the whole program instead of getting what I thought I wanted to Know back then. Most of my welding will be on motorcycle frames and acces. The tigging will be brackets, oil tanks and small things like that. I know the mm175 is still limited but I figure any thing heavier will be handled by stick on the econotig. Unlike many of the guys I know that weld, I like stick welding. Although I weld on my job, it is limited so I don't get a lot of weld time and that is the only way to get good. These units are for my home use. I enjoy welding as a hobby and don't plan to make a living with it. I have read many of these post and get alot of useful information. I'm looking foeward to everyones opinion. Thanks.


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    Welcom to the forum, Kelly.

    Your choices sound fine, but if I were going to do it over, I'd go with a MM210 and Syncrowave 180SD. That's all the capability I think you'd ever need unless you get into backyard shipbuilding!!

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      Just checked the price diff. on the econotig and the 180sd. Only about $300. I think I'll be alot happier with the 180sd in the long run. There is about $700. diff. in the mig 175 and 210. I know the 210 is a supperior rig and the alm. capabilities are much better. I will have to see how much cash I can put away. This welding "HOBBY" can sure get exspensive. May have to do some side jobs with this stuff to justify the cost. Thanks for the input.


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        You say TIG for motorcycle stuff, I don't know if you will want to do any aluminum or not. If not I would look at the Maxstar 150 or 200DX. If any aluminum is in the plans I would definitaly go with the Syncrowave over the Econotig. If you plan on doing any aluminum MIG then it makes more sense to jump up to the MM 210.


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          I will want to TIG al. for sure. I have an old Miller a/c-d/c machine at the time. It has TIG abilities but it has never worked very well. I think the High freq. is not working plus the hoses are old and cracked and need to be replaced. I concidered just getting it repaired but the main draw back for me is it does'nt have a reseptical for plugging in a foot control. I'm not comfortable with the thumb control and I feel like I have so much more control with a foot control. Just personal preferance. It stick welds great. Love the machine for that but its time to upgrade. Of course when ever I decide to research, things keep getting more exspensive. But I don't want to sell myself short.


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            is input power an isue?

            i beat myself up about it but came to decide that i needed to go with the dynasty over the syncro due to power available in my shop.i have 220V but to try to pull even 50A is out of the ?? so i have to spend the $$ on the dyn200DX. i'm shoure after i get it i will be very happy with the choice .waiting to save the extra $$$ is killing me though and i could use the $$ elsware. the 180 over the econo is a definet must for you. the econo tig is good for arts stuff but not much more than that . it would work for your tank needs but stick work on the frame i think it would fall short.if you have the input power to run it the syncro180 has gotten good reviews, and should serve you for the mig it seems i remember miller put out an artical about bike building(motercycles) and recomended the MM175.the pair MM175 and syncro185 should suit you great.
            thanks for the help
            hope i helped
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              yep, its an expensive hobby. but the cost of the machine are not the half of it, in the long run.

              180 over an econo, 200dx over those.