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buying used tanks ?

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    well, i may be on the verge of being screwed. i took it to 3 places. the first one told me $75 out the door, the guy seemed to be bending over backwards to take care of me. odd, because its a big place, they don't need me. the other 2 places wouldn't touch it. the 1st place said it was junk at first, but the story changed as we went. he had to order the tank, for some reason. so i will go back tomorrow to swap it, hopefully. i may end up in prison over it j/k
    iirc he said it was a 140cf, will confirm tomorrow.

    to be continued ...


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      Used Tanks

      Yes It sounds like you have found a "S" cyl or 140-150 cf Depends on the gas in it for the exact volume of the fill. Argon you get a few more cft in em for some reason, As to the who owns it question . Alot of that differs by what distributors are in your area and how they treat C/O type cyls.I have worked at 4 different welding supply distributors in my ten years in the field. Most smaller ones will take in almost any thing the larger ones get more picky about what they will trade out. Best thing is to call your local suppliers and ask them their policy and what they will trade or not trade. We are not supposed fill other companies cylinders. Its the law. Some smaller co,s will fill anything that comes in some wont.You will have tyo check the collar of the cylinder for a raised or stamped Name "bobs welding supply" Most clean C/O cyls will have a blank ring. Hope this helps it does get kind of complicated Good luck..
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        well, unless the welding cylinder police come to arrest me after they investigate the one i traded, and find a reason to come get me, i have swaped it out

        yes, this one is a 140-150cf. its 42 tall to bottom of valve, and about 7.5" round. i measured the old one (i may not have done a good job of it) and it seemed like it was only 7" x 42". and this one is a lot heavier. my 80cf didn't feel much different heavy or full. and this 1 looks larger.

        but, the important thing is i got it swaped without giving the shirt off my back.

        what i have learned :
        look for a test date. it will, in my case anyway, say 4-99 (for example)
        how to get the sizes, thanx for the link
        color & condition of the tank make a difference.
        tank fill cost is mostly labor.
        and possibly most inportant, make sure it has a content sticker on it !!!
        mine didn't. most places WON'T touch it without this sticker. why this guy did = i don't know. but i sure am gratefull he did, THANX MARK !!!

        the 80cf tank looks higher up than the other. but it is the same height as the other. over the years this tank ill easily pay for itself in gas savings.
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          So out of curiosity how much was the total cost? It wouldn't hurt to give the guy's business name either, when you get treated well it's nice to spread it around. Be sure and keep your receipts in a safe place so that you can prove your ownership.
          My large cylinder has a ring on top that says "customer owned".


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            I agree, sounds like the "s" size bottles we purchase down here in the Houston area, which is an exchange basis. The price you paid for the bottle sounds very good, I gave $200. for my Argon bottle three yrs. ago when I purchased my lowly Econotig. Think I got bent over for that, LOL. I think I paid $160. for the c25, but for the oky/acetylene bottles, been toooooo many years ago. As far as refill, I hope you didn't have to pay $75., sounds a bit high, but of course location means everthing, Argon 122CF cost me $22., C25 150CF $40., and both dealers that I deal w/said the cost up that way is about 4x here, they also said that in the near future the prices will increase due the economy crap that we have to put up with.
            Have good day


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              total cost :
              bottle, $40
              gas, test, haz, & tax, $72.50
              gas & tolls, about $10
              so, about $125

              not bad i would say.
              yes, keep all reciepts.

              one place wanted $200 for that size, this place wanted $260.
              one place wants $37 to fill it to about 1800. this place got $48 from me for 2100 psi.

              location means a lot. among many reasons is property tax, its not low here.