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    Hi there.

    I am thinking about purchasing a plasma cutter for some aluminum parts that I currently get cut by water jet or laser.

    Does a plasma have as clean of an edge, if used properly with a jig, as water or laser?

    If it does it would enable me to save some money (never mind purchasing a new cool tool)

    The aluminum cut-outs that I require are 3/8" thick and 1/2" round. (like coins but quite a bit thicker). The second cutout is on 3/16" aluminum, weird shape, approx 2" x 5" rectangle.

    Is this something that a plasma can easliy do or is it best to continue on with the laser/water? A smooth finish is of utmost importance as sanding time is lost profit.

    Thanks for your input.



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    On steel from what I've seen plasma will as smooth as well as the best properly adjusted o/a torch with a highly skilled hand. It leaves a slight grain barely visible if the machice is rated for a quality cut on that thickness. It's not as smooth as the water-cut pieces (don't know if the touched them up) I had but the water cut was never perfectly square either done by cnc water jet( always a couple or more degrees of tilt on the water cut pieces) PERSONAL EXPERIANCE hope it helps
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