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Sberry27 i need your help!!

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  • Sberry27 i need your help!!


    as said in another post, i want to build a amp foot controll pedal for my 1976 miller econotwin hf 150amp!!!this welder as no remote plug on it!!!only a on off hih frequency switch!
    it's all mechanical with a big shunt transformer!!
    you're supposed to be the genius around for electrical stuff!!
    mike w told me to vary the input voltage 220v.!!!
    is there another way, like the old dialarc in the late 70's(they were runing a foot control)
    any advice??

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    There are other guys here that know something about it. I am no electric genius. When it gets about more than 3 wires I am lost,, ha,,About the only thing I know anything about is wiring up these machines to make them work. You wont be able to vary the input, lots of stuff needs to run with the right voltage in the machine besides the outputs. Scott V and a couple other guys here have likely hooked these up every way you can. P.S. I am going to add this. My knowledge of electric is very limited. The parts of it I do I do well and most installs are 90% mechanical anyway. What I have paid attn to in particular are the area relating specifically to the types of equipment we use here and safe installation. I have also went back and read or researched or asked for explanations in the areas that seem to be frequently quoted as "code" and that are often hearsay mostly. I do pay particular attn to conductor and breaker size and insuring that there is a low impedance fault return path. Those parts have become as instinctual as welding or rigging from sheer repetition.


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      heres what you need huh
      Trailblazer 302g
      super s-32p
      you can never know enough