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    when using, for any given time or reason, '' High Frequency'' for welding is this HF just for arc starting or does HF need to be continuos throughout the welding processes?

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    Eicon, HF alows the arc to jump to the work while starting without the electrode touching the work while using AC or DC. It doesnot need to be used after arc initiation with DC, but with AC, the arc is extinguishing it self as it goes from positive to negative 60 times a second. The HF helps keep the arc from going out with AC, so it stays on the whole time. With the new inverter machines [you can vary the Hz of the machine 20hz to 250hz, the HF does not need to stay on. I am not sure, but I also think there is some sort of circuity that also helps the arc stay on with AC on these Inverter machines while in the lower HZ range, 20 to 80. Maybe Hawk or Andy can clarify. Hope this helps, Paul
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      yes the advanced squarewave the arc actually goes directly from electrode positive to electrode negative with no arc off period.
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        the difference between 60hz and 250hz is IMPRESSIVE