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    I've had this machine for about 15 years as I remember, never given me a single problem. Where I'm currently working I have to move it around to use it. Lately I've noticed that the pedal box is getting hot after I use it. It may have been that way for a while but since I didn't have to move it I didn't notice. Normal or problem a coming?
    Secondly the water flow has been going downhill for a while, too many mickey mouse water cooling setups on my part. I flushed the lines with some Lime Away, didn't get much crap out of it. Blowing air thru the lines I noticed that the power/water line flows air better one way compared to the other. The other water line seems fine both ways. I've been running a motorcycle fuel pump as a pump (max 3psi) but the return line just shows a trickle of water. I tried using a little giant submersible pump also but the flow doesn't seem any better. I pulled apart the brass fittings but didn't see any corrosion buildup in them after the flush. Weldcraft specs call out a minimum of a quart a minute, this setup now is about 1/3 of that. Looks like I'm going to have to step up and spend the big bucks on a ProCon pump setup. When I hook up the garden hose to it, it seems to flow ok .

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    Im not sur about tig coolers but on our mig guns D-F machine(they make the gun) recomends no less than 40 psi water pressure on the inlet side. nominal is 50psi. they also say that the water temp out of the hose should go no higher than 90 degrees. not sure if this helps but theres my 2pennies
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      Your old dialarc will expend some heat from the pedal. It uses a high wattage resistor for current control and it does get hot.