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  • 200DX cart pics

    here are the fruits of my labor. a purpose built cart for the 200dx and coolmate 3(which i don't have yet, and may never get. but i wanted a place for it if i do get one).

    it was made with all free metal i have collected over the years. i bought the wheels/casters, the chains, and the paint.

    1 & 2. nothing on it, paint drying.
    3. where the 200 is, is where it would go if i get a coolmate
    4. where i is staying for now. more stable cart, and protects the machine.
    5 & 6. back view. really like how the tank is held on. looks pretty slick.

    its pretty much done, i may add to it somehow, someday.
    i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, looks really cool.

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    some drunk guy stole the sticker on the side
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      Real nice cart. Very professional looking job, But what is the tank sitting on?
      i was worried about the pic with your Tig on the top rack, {I would put some gussets on each side to help support the weight if you were going to leave the unit on top, } made me feel alot better when i seen you put it on the middle rack.


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        Did you weld it with the MIG or the TIG? Nice Job!!


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          the tanks weight is sitting on a piece of angle iron, touches about 1/3 of the bottom of the tank. i just took a pic of it, but my computer is messing with me

          the top shelf is stronger than it looks. but if i do put the machine up there, i will add some kind of re-enforcement.

          i wanted to use the 200, but ...
          i used my mig = full tank of gas. tig = getting low on gas. i'm thinking about refilling with a helium/argon blend. but i have to learn more about this mix first.


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            Blown S-10

            some drunk guy stole the sticker on the side

            that was the first thig i noticed look's much better you should buy that drunk another beer he did you a faver

            good looking cart i like that the suports hold the rod, cool ideal

            ummm black was a good choice for collar i would have gone blue but now that i see yours black realy makes the welder and red hose stand out gess ill have to use all that blue paint i bought on my yard truck insted
            thanks for the help
            hope i helped
            feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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              Nice cart!!! You gave me some ideas when I do mine. Getting closer to purchasing mine. Lenco Ground clamp came in as well as the CK torch. Someone asked what I paid for it. It's a superflex 25foot 17 model. Roughly $100.00. Bought a cable cover off e-bay for the torch. Next expense is the heavy duty foot control. It's coming together slowly but surely. More slowly than surely. Thanks for taking the time to show us your cart...Have fun!!!
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                Blown S-10, nice design, you can help your aluminum rods and even the steel ones by buying some 36" Rodgards [brandname] to store them in, oxidation will build up and make cleaning the rod even harder. The copper coated steel will rust when condensation gets on them. I have machine tools and a few times each year, the temp & humidity goes up in winter and then the temp drops, causing the relative humidity to skyrocket, then condensation sets in rusting everything. They also make gards for stick electrodes, quite handy in protecting them. They will fit right in the compartment you already have. Hope this helps, Paul
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                  ok, i'll buy him a few bears this weekend, i have 5 days off, sat-wed.
                  so a good bit off bear drinkin, and a good bit of welding will ensue.

                  the rod holder was an afterthought, it may or may not stay that way.

                  i was thinking of blue. but i knew that i wasn't going to sand out all the imperfections on it, and the blue would have made them easy to see. sides, i wanted the machine to be the main feature, not the cart.

                  good luck on getting your machine. hopefully you will get it sooner than you thought.
                  i have a cable cover idea. if it pans out it will be real cool.
                  i'll keep ya posted

                  thanx for the tip, i was thinking along those lines. the supports are 2 1/4" id, will those rod guards fit in that ? i was thinking of useing pvc with caps, and just not storing them on the cart.


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                    Blown S-10, the 36" Rodgards should fit, I don't have one at this location, I am in NC right, moving to shold be able to find the dimension on the net.....I will see what I can find, but am busy packing right now, so it may be a day or so...anyway, they are 'BLUE' so it should make a good regards, Paul
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                      Going down to repair some of the mess or did you always have plans to go to FL?



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                        Andy, I have had plans for 20 years,just decided I better do it now before I croak.....The cleanup repair thing is a bunch of good and bad folks,some are like Vultures...I am more relocating to be near the coast for my love of nautical...and my old bones are not liking the wet cold here, I still have some racing connections in the central area, so I hope to be helping with their welding needs. I still would like to get over to see you before the move, man moving a machine/fab shop is a lot of work, I need a FORKLIFT!!!! Best regards,Paul
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