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HAWK - Question about #17 150 Torch Rec?

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  • HAWK - Question about #17 150 Torch Rec?

    Hey Hawk,

    Again thanks for the suggestions on the Dynasty Piece together accessories for the 200 DX. In your suggestions you listed a torch #17 150, the miller dude said that one's not familiar to him, but is it from CK? Also its an air cooled torch right? What is the difference or benefit of the water cooled torch and the air cooled one? For welding DOM .120 wall tubing and 18G sheetmetal along with the rare aluminum which one will be best for me? Thanks again.

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    The #17 150 is an air cooled unit. For lengthy welding or areas where you may need a smaller torch head, a water cooled unit would be great. Not needed if you don't do any tight areas or if not welding most of the day straight. There are more options for specialty type heads with water cooled units too. Whe doing Aluminum, the water cooled one is nice as the extra heat from the aluminum will heat up the torch quickly.



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      Reply to Andy

      Andy thats great info. Can you recommend a miller part # for me using a watercooled torch. I will be welding in tight areas and doing the occassional aluminum welding. Though most of it will be on tubing an sheetmetal.


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        The standard Miller watercooled torch that I use is the DB20M25R. It is a 25 ft torch. If you want a 12 ft one then the number is DB20M12R. If you want some more specialty torches, check out some of the torch mfg companies like I use a few of their torces too. I really like the SF-225-12-R. It's a flex head with interchangable heads. There are many styles of screw on heads that would easily fit your needs.
        I had posted a few pics of this torch on a different post. Try a search on weldcraft or the part#

        Hope this helps.



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          Andy, thanks a lot for the info it will definately help me out a lot. Thats the great thing about this site, you get quality info. I guess just another reason to buy Blue. Thanks again.


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            Been out of town a while.