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180SD and Tank Sizes

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  • 180SD and Tank Sizes

    What size and type of tanks do you use with a welder like the 180SD, 250 Syncrowave or the 200DX?

    I know that bigger is better but what size of tank have you selected to use with your welder?

    Also what did you pay for your tank? Was it new or used?

    If you were looking for an used tank, what would you look for to decide whether it was a good buy or not?



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    new/used tank

    dosent realy matter as where ever you get your gas they will be exchanging the tank not filling it(in most cases) so you will get new or recertified valve's, thats an advantage to exchanging insted of filling.
    befor you get a tank check your local filling places to make shoure you get somthing they can exchange. you dont want to get a tank only to find out that they dont exchange that size only lease them so you would'nt be able to get it filled.also check the ring on the top as it may be some ones leased tank you are buying and no one will tuch it or it will get taken.

    i have 2 gas people near me 1 will exchange up to 80cf the other only 40cf tanks so for bigger than that i have to lease.i lease a 155cf tank as it is more economicla to fill. once you get into the smaller tanks you are paying more for labor than gas. it causts me $32.00 to fill a 155cf bottle, at the same place it is $19.00 to fill a 20cf or 40cf. so for $13 more i get almost 4 X as much gas.

    the size tank you get will be determined by how much welding you are going to be doing, weather or not you want portability(dyn200),availability of filling in your area, and the caust savings consideration (as in my 155cf)

    i am also planing on getting a 40cf bottle to put on the shelf so if i run out on a weekend i can use the smaller bottle till the gas store is open on monday. just yesterday i turned in a tank with 200psi still in it so i could refill on sat. so i didnt run out on sunday and not be able to finish my project. it is a bummer but with only 1 bottle it is a fact of life you gota plan for, running out on a sunday is werse than giving back a lil gas on sat. and
    some area's dont even have a place to fill on sat.
    so you are on your own frome fri.- mon.
    somthing else to concider when getting tank's and picking a filling place.

    i lease my 155cf tank for $50 a year but could lease for $140 for a 5 year lease.i am still in my 1st year but will be changing to a 5 year lease.

    you can buy an 80cf tank new on line for $120, just make shoure you can get it exchanged localy, 80cf shouldnt be a problem but much bigger than that you may have truble .
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      I am running "S" cylinder, which I believe is right around 155cf. I lease all
      my cylinders, this one is 100% argon 5 year lease . I run this one on my
      Dynasty 200DX, lease and fill was $90.95.


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        i have 80cf tanks. i ain't leasing anything. though i may not have that option in the future, as they may make it = i lease, or no gas.


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          My Mig tank lasts forever, currently have a 120CF, used to have an 80CF. TIG uses alot more gas, I had a 120cf but they stopped using that size so I got a free up-trade to 168cf-that should really help my run time.
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