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What type AC plug standard on Spectrum 625?

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  • What type AC plug standard on Spectrum 625?

    I'm now the proud owner of a Spectrum 625. My problem is that I can't figure out the NEMA plug type on the standard AC power cord. Its a really nice 12 foot, 8-10GA, with molded 3-prong plug; I'd hate to cut it off & redo it to match my existing 220 VAC receptacle. It shows a picture of it in the manual but doesn't tell me the NEMA type. I've attached a somewhat fuzzy picture. Flat prongs are about 1 inch apart. Can someone please identify this critter for me? Thanks.
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    That plug is a 6-50p. You need a 6-50r to plug it into.


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      Thanks Scotth !


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        Lowes and H Depot carry those plugs. In case you didn't figure it out, the R is for recepticle and P is for plug.
        I bought the 625 back in January and I love it! the drag cut on 16ga looks like it was sheared after light chiping. I like to use a 2X4 for a straight edge for drag cutting. The torch guides great along the 2X and it's easy to keep it straight up.
        The owners manual is very basic so experiment with the machine it will do a lot. I like to use the stand off tip to cut like using an O/A torch, it will put out about a 1" flame/Arc. I cut a lot of dirty rusty bolts with concrete and mortar on them. I also use dark cutting glasses for my eyes, about a #5 shade. I haven't noticed any sunburn with it either. Also the green mark air settings on the gage seem to be right, I've tried up and down and the marks were best.