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problem with my 180sd?

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  • problem with my 180sd?

    When I turn up the gas flow up on my 180SD, the gas solenoid starts shutting down far earlier than I would expect it to. Up to 20-22cfh, it's fine. Anything over that and you will notice that it starts taking longer and longer to open once you push the pedal. Over a couple of cycles of the pedal, it'll go from near instantaneous gas flow to waiting 6-8 seconds. Is this to be expected? I would expect that it should work to over 30cfh, but hey I've been wrong once......make that three times before. Just looking to find out if I should take it to my local dealer.
    Shane Hill

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    dosent sound good

    it dosent sound right. i dont have a 180 but 30cfh is not that high it should still work fine. i dont know if its a cilanoid thing or the switch relay but you should get it looked at if no 1 here has any help for you .

    sometimes you get missed the first time at the top but this will take you back for a second chance on top

    hope you get it worked out
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      I would have to agree. The solenoid should work at those higher settings however those are too high for most Tig welding. Why the higher rates? Too high flow will cause turbulance and pull in surrounding atmosphere to the arc and contanination will occur.
      There was a solenoid vender issue a few months back and maybe your unit is one of those.



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        Yeah, I realize that, Andy. Only reason I noticed it was that I was in a tightly confined area welding on a rollcage up at the roof of a car and had to pull the tungsten out a good bit to get over the top of the bar, so I added some gas flow to about 22cfh. Over the course of about 5 minutes, the solenoid started acting up.
        Shane Hill


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          Well, it appears I have a real problem with this unit. It will not start an arc in A/C, either. After adjusting the gap down .001 to .011 it started an arc and allowed me to weld about 1", then wouldn't start again. This was the first time to weld with a/c with this machine. Works beautifully in DC. So I guess it's off to the service center! FWIW.....I used my friend's Dynasty 300 DX last night since I couldn't use my machine. Man, that thing is sweet.
          Shane Hill


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            did you have your hf on constant? It is possible that with the gas flow set that high the solenoid could freeze. Its a long shot but a possibility
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