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  • Trailblazer/MIG

    From previous threads I've certainly come to understand that the Trailblazer is the right base for mobile work, I'm sold. What I can't seem to find a consistent view on is what additional components make for the best combination for aluminum work. My application is marine, light fabrication and maintenance work.

    Thanks in advance for the thoughts! Looking forward to getting my order together.

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    If money is not an option and you want the best quality, I would get a 30A spool gun, and run a Dynasty 200DX off of it for TIG. I understand the 302G has lift arc now, but you would still need the high frequency stabilzer unit for AC. This would be the cheaper way and I have use it. It works well but not like the Dynasty.


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      I was thinking MIG, does the 30A run directly off the Trailblazer?

      Assuming the Dynasty 200 DX, how steep is the TIG learning curve? (never done it)


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        I just got a used super 32 vs suitcase and it came with a 10 foot tweco torch. I hooked up to my bobcat and bang I welded aluminum. The tweco torch already had a teflon liner. This set up was easier to use than my inverter power supply and xra wire feeder.I can mig weld aluminum(I have had countless problems trying to weld aluminum, until now) I also got the 251d-1 that im waiting to hook up to a trailblazer(hopefully in a month or so ).
        Trailblazer 302g
        super s-32p
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          The Spoolmatic 30A(#130 831) needs the WC-25 control(#137 549) to work with the Trailblazer. The TIG learning curve is pretty steep but I prefer it to aluminum MIG for appearance and control. Have you ever Migged Aluminum before? Most of the time I TIG alminum. For Docks and things like that you will want to probably want to MIG. I still wouldn't want to be without TIG though. At the least for TIG you would need the HF-251 high frequency arc starter and stabilizer(#042 388). Alhough like I said before the Dynasty is alot nicer.