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Exhaust for a 91 ford F-450 diesel

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  • Exhaust for a 91 ford F-450 diesel

    i was wondering if i should just build the thing myself because my father says it will most likely be gas welded out of mild steel, so i could do it with my 251 with tri-gas and some ss wire and stainless pipe

    i want it to be magnaflow 3in to a four inch conversion tip to go to a huge 5 in polished road tractor pipe, what do you guys think leave it to the professional or do it myself?

    any comments are well appreciated

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    farmboy weldor,

    DIY You will make a better product and learn by doing.

    Go for it, make it all out of SS pipe.


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      thanx joseph


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        **** yeah man........i have made my own exhaust tips for my cars out of it is possible

        and as far as the MAGNAFLOW goes.... i have one on my car and it ROCKS !!



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          i did my own exhaust. 3 1/2"


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            Make sure to get some extra tubing and practice several welds before you go to the good stuff. Also check out which flanges you need to have made or buy pre-made and check with your local muffler shop for custom bends and flares. Make sure the pipe is tied up with plenty of hangers and since your custom building, weld on vertical tabs and hang it off the top of the pipe with hangers only instead of clamps.

            Good luck,


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              I say go for it. How else you gonna learn? I agree with pjseaman about practicing on some scrap pieces first. Heck, I think I can beat any muffler shop around here and I have maybe 5 minutes MIG experience.
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                should i over lap the pipes or butt weld them, and im getting the pieces mandral bent from a muffler shop, only problem is the whole thing is gonna be really short so it will be y pipe, muffler, 3in to 4in, then another 4in to 5 in. polished stainless pipe,

                also this might be kinda off topic but if any of you guys know anything about exhuast and stuff i was wondering if have a short assembly like the above states , if it would be too breathable,?

                if any of you know about this suff it would be a help ... thanx


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                  I would overlap the pipe1/2" to minimize possible leaks and provide the best fitup for the welding and no possible blow through if you get it hotter than you should.

                  I think it's gonna have a deep throaty sound, it should be good.

                  good luck,


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                    my first welding project was any exhaust for my old ford. i learned alot about welding the hard way.