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Why can't new thread box be same colors as board

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  • Why can't new thread box be same colors as board

    I was wondering why the new thread box has to have a white background, us guys with older eyes could see and edit much better without the White's harsh glare. I would like it to be the same colors as the board colors which are easier on the eyes. thanks y'all

    Only if everyone agreed of course.

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    It is harder for me to see this new style black and white also. The old style white lettering with the dark blue background was not nearly as harsh. Research indicates beige and green is a good color combination that is easy on the eyes. Take a look at a professional chess board. Most I have seen are beige and a light green. Sounds like they are onto something since those boards are stared over for hours!!! I know Miller is blue not green/beige.

    I agree a background color change away from white would be easier on the eyes. Maybe with enough votes we could look into it???


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      Green and beige-NOT green and white and not a lime green. I'd love to see the white lettering and blue background of the previous format.

      It is probably does not make sense to you as you are young and your eyes are good. Wait twenty years and a few hundred thousand arcs later and this white background may appear harsh to you as well. It is just not the best background for some of us with less than perfect sight.


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        Hahaa, don't worry HAWK, my previous post was all in good fun. My eyes are actually TERRIBLE. If I'm not wearing my glasses, I have to be 3" away from the object I'm looking at for it to be in focus. They are also super sensitive, and my eyes also hate the blue and white. Hope no harm done with my previous post.


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          No harm. Just fun!


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            Hey guys my vision is 20/900 in my good eye 20/1050 in the bad one, Count on my vote for the old view.



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              anything to prevent my perfect vision from getting damaged sounds good.
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                it dose seem harder on the eys now than it was so i'll vote for the old collar back

                i realy like the smiley's though can we keep them

                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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