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Will 3035 Spoolmate Work with Trailblazer 301G/302G

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  • Will 3035 Spoolmate Work with Trailblazer 301G/302G

    Can anyone tell me if I can use my 3035 Spoolmate with a Trailblazer 301G or the new 302G. The specs for the 301G show that the # 30 spoolgun is a direct connect, but does not mention whether or not the 3035 Spoolmate would work similary, or at all. If it would not be a direct connect, what other equipment would I need to make this combination work........thanks

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    I know a lot of guys that run the 3035's off of their 301g's i'm not to sure about the new 302g, but i'm assuming it's the same. The only extra peice of equipment you need is a control box, the 301g has a direct connection for the 30A or 15A because it's a 14 Pin connector, while the 3035 is a 4 pin connector, i believe it's the SGA100 contactor that is the correct one to use. Put the best is to take a peak at millers main page and it might tell you there.


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      Thank you very much for the information. Soon I hope I will be getting the new Trailblazer 302G. I am trying to determine if it would be best to hook up my spoolgun (older 185 which I am told is the same as a 3035), or get one of the suitcase welders. My local dealer is not too up to speed on Miller products, so when I inquired about which suitcase unit and accessories would be needed to mig weld from the Trailblazer, he said he was not sure, but would find out. I reminded him the other day and he said he has not gotten a reply from his rep. On one hand I would like to use my spoolgun because I already have it, but I feel because of it's 150 amp rating, I would be loosing a lot of potential from the Trailblazer compared to a Trailblazer / suitcase combo.

      When I use the mig I would like the option of being able to switch to FCAW when needed. According to what I get out of the information Miller supplies, in addition to buying the suitcase, I would also need to buy the wire feed rollers and a mig gun because apparently the suticase welders come without these. Then they have the 8RC, 12RC, 8VS, and 12VS models. I have no idea which model would siut my purpose which would include welding up to 1/2" mild steel, and occaisional lighter thicknesses of stainless and aluminum. For the most part the mild steel would be some new fabrication, but mostly repair of equipment ranging from clean to rusted and cruddy requiring lots of prep.

      Like I mentioned above, the only reason I am considering using the spoolgun is because I already have it. I would gladly leave it hooked up to the MM210 at home and get a suitcase if I could figure out exactly which one and what accessories to get, and if I could get one for a reasonable price..............thanks


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        I ran the 12RC suitcase feeder on my 301 and loved it . It nicely complements the unit and has all the duty cycle and more than the TB can dish out. The spoolgun will fine for Al and light amperage steel. You will be changing wire a lot and will be limited to the smaller wires.


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          Thanks for responding. Yesterday I ordered the new 302 Trailblazer. According to the salesman, there will be an approx 2 week wait before it is even made. He said this is due to the unfortunate weather in Florida and elsewhere, and Florida dealers are begging dealers in other states to send any generator/welder they have on hand. I think this is great, and it just goes to show you that no matter how politically devided this country gets, these differences can be layed aside in order to help those in need if the occaision arrises ( I am referring to all the corporate bashing going on). I can wait a few weeks if it means helping someone get back some sort of normalicy in their lives. I also think it is admirable that Miller would redirect their resources in order to help these storm victims.

          You Mentioned running a suitcase off your 301G. I am now thinking it would make more sense for me to forget using the spoolgun all together and rebuild my slush fund for the purpose of getting a suitcase welder. In the mean time I could run my MM210 off the Trailblazer using my 40' 6/4 extension cord..............thanks again.