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  • hooking up new toys

    Hi, Im new to the board and have questions on hooking up my new equipment. I just purchased a trailblazer pro 350 d and a bunch of extras so I will be able to weld everything I can think of I hope. I bought a hf-251 used and Im not sure on the proper way to hook it to my machine? I also picked up the spoolmatic 30A and the wc-24 control and I also would like to know how to hook it up. I feel foolish asking all these questions because I have been working as a welder for 14 years and now have decided to try going on my own. I would appreciate any info on welding aluminum with the spoolmatic and the tig because I have very little experience with aluminum. I have spent all my time welding carbon plate and pipe. Thank you for all or any information you can give me. Thanks, Wade.