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  • Help choosing a welder

    Hi I am new to this Board and need help Choosing a Welder

    I am going to build a dune buggy and a lotus super seven Cars
    The specs for the metal that needs welding are 1.315 tubes at .100 wall thickness
    And 1½X1 ½ Square tube .065-wall thickness.
    I was looking at SD180 or the Lincoln 185 But both of theses welders seem to need 50 plus amps. I already have a hot tub ruining off my garage sub panel and it is rated at 40 amps and will cost me a bundle to upgrade.
    So the only other option to me is to get a Dynasty 200 or run the Syncrowave on 40 amps.
    Dynasty 200DX
    Building Dune buggy

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    for what your welding, seems like 40 amps in would be plenty.

    how about turning the tub off when welding ?


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      I was going to turn it off but all I can pull from the house is 40 amps
      Will this be enough to weld the metals without blowing the breaker
      Dynasty 200DX
      Building Dune buggy


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        electrick to heat the hot tub???

        if that tub heat runs off electric you dont want to turn it off every time you go to weld or your reheat bill will kill you .

        if power is an ishue get the dynasty thats what i'm doing. i figure in the long run it will pay for its self and i'll get a bunch more perk's with the dyn.200DX.
        including the use of 110V till i put in another 220V line.

        i have the breaker space and a 2nd sub panel already in just need to run the wire for 220V plug for the welder, my air comp is hard wired to the box.

        if you weld for 3 hrs and then turn the hot tub back on it will heat for another 3 hrs it will kill you in electric bill's
        if you can swing it spend the extra $1000.00 up front get more welder and less electric bill
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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